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At The Quarterly Conversation

“Object Correlative: World-Building in Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue

“Chabon crams the nooks and crannies of his fictional rooms with palpable, specific objects and peoples them as expertly as a Dungeon Master.”

At Rain Taxi Review of Books

let me tell you by Paul Griffiths

Like a Beckett character marooned on an RSC stage stage set, Griffiths’ Ophelia suspects her uncanny words even as she utters them.”

The Lemoine Affair by Marcel Proust, trans. by Charlotte Mandel

“Proust, in a sense, plays Lemoine, counterfeiting other writers in a prismatic refraction of the scandal.”

The Cosmopolitan by Donna Stonecipher

“Experience, this travelogue reminds us, is unrefined and indefinite; it is in the attempt to preserve, to make sense of that experience, that we create and collect objects as removed and limiting as the ivory miniature and the daguerreotype.”

Call Me Ahab by Anne Finger

“Refusing to smooth over the idiosyncrasies of history and human life, she has, instead, successfully written her text with them.”

Find the Girl by Lightsey Darst

” …we come to see the investigator as another version of the poet, who perpetually reassembles old stories out of her own experience.”

The Whole Five Feet by Christopher R. Beha


At Science

Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America

by Shawn Lawrence Otto

“Instead of simply insisting on the preeminence of science (a subject many people know little about and, consequently, are intimidated by), Otto ties its importance to the ideals and demands of democracy.”